in the rain

it’s like walking in the rain and the snow and you’ve nowhere to go, and you’re feelin’ like a part of you is dieing

28 comments on “in the rain”

  1. Ooo…very effective mix of rain and layering.

  2. colors and raining are really nice…

  3. :)) we never fly because the wings were hidden!

  4. Love the colors in that troubled pic ~

  5. that’s beautiful and painterly and everythingone of your best, i think

  6. the textures and mood.How’d you do that border?’s great!!!

  7. almost like a rainfall photo with the blur! =D I like your overall framework, excellent border elaine!

  8. Nice, cold and sad…

  9. 10cc? haven’t heard that song in a while!like this; very nice texture.

  10. excellent shot! i really like the dark contrast of this one.. really great elaine.. 🙂

  11. It’s fascinating, and as a picture you made it a real work of art !

  12. In tears world…:) Excellent idea and processing – as usual Elaine…

  13. I like this idea, great !

  14. This is very good, a hint of a person, a suggestion. Super dooper in fact, I like this a lot. You do realise though that I’ll have that song in my head all evening now? It’s all your fault! ;O)

  15. Cool, that’s different! I love the black tones. (I don’t know the song – who is it? :-))

  16. Nice layering here, love the textures too

  17. excellent work – great mood

  18. Another superb shot and processing, love the subdued colors and tones in this

  19. A delight to the imagination. I like it a lot.

  20. Elaine, that’s just superb!Like the latest “James Bong” movie poster or something.Very (VERY) well done, I love the blue colors spots , they work terrific with the general grey/black tones.Amazing graphical frame.

  21. Awesome work!

  22. Very nice. Like the spots of blue in the otherwise mostly monochrome image.

  23. Un très joli regard flou dans une ambiance nostalgique … Great picture Elaine! I love it ! 🙂

  24. Excellent treatment.wonderfully b_w 🙂 I like it.SwissCharles

  25. Fascinating rain shot, I like how this is almost, but not quite, monochrome and how the background is barely recognizable, yet gets the point across very well.

  26. Hey Elaine how did you do this? I really like this effect and that blue smidgen in the background is really captivating. I love that shade of blue.

  27. This is just excellent…a captivating image! Bravo to you, the colour is just a fantastic contrast to the dark tones.

  28. I love the interesting contrast and water that obscures the image.

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