it’s like walking in the rain and the snow and you’ve nowhere to go, and you’re feelin’ like a part of you is dieing

28 thoughts on “in the rain

  1. This is very good, a hint of a person, a suggestion. Super dooper in fact, I like this a lot. You do realise though that I’ll have that song in my head all evening now? It’s all your fault! ;O)

  2. Elaine, that’s just superb!Like the latest “James Bong” movie poster or something.Very (VERY) well done, I love the blue colors spots , they work terrific with the general grey/black tones.Amazing graphical frame.

  3. Hey Elaine how did you do this? I really like this effect and that blue smidgen in the background is really captivating. I love that shade of blue.

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