The River Bank

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  1. So dreamy, I love the tones and the silhouettes of the branches, very cool!

  2. Looks so soft. Very nice.

  3. Wonderful work! Well done!!

  4. Love the mood in here, something mysterious & smoothy at the same time ~

  5. I like the surreal quality of this, almost secretive. Good music too.

  6. I love this one a lot, love the silhouette and the misty fogs.

  7. coollove the bluish tone

  8. I absolutely love this photograph, Elaine. I wish this were one of mine. So ethereal, and beautifully presented, another of my faves of yours.Have an awesome Sunday

  9. Love the mood you’ve captured/created. The music addition is great..perfect.

  10. a really great image – you must put it at your wall

  11. Excellent ! You are very creative in your photography.

  12. Blueish tones… a misty scene… river… bridge in background… I love all the elements of this photo and the mood it provokes. Very well done!I like the music you have included also.

  13. Wow! This is just beautiful Elaine! Amazing image…and a familiar scene!

  14. jeez…scared the **** out of me when that music started! :-)i like it though; seems to match up to the photo really well.

  15. A nice dreamy picture, great atmosphere… mekes me want to see whats behind the bushes

  16. WOW Love this shot, has a wonderful soft and yet dramatic feel to it, Superb

  17. Oh my, this is exquisite. The soft effect give it a lovely, dreamy quality.

  18. Poetical dark mood view, I like the purple toning and the bridge at right!SwissCharles

  19. Annie Lennox!! One of my preferred (from the days of Eurithmics). I really like the photo, beautiful and elegant, with this sensitivity processing mixing softness and clarity. Cool!

  20. Really like the dreamy silhouettes you’ve captured and the slight purple hue.

  21. catchy tune.. i like it.. 😀 and this image is really awesome.. the mood is really great.. nice work.. 🙂

  22. Gorgeous, I’d hang this on a wall any day of the week, what more can I say? Well I could but then you’d get all big headed ;O)

  23. I love Annie Lennox, but it came on automatically and my speakers were up high. Damn near put me in an early grave! hahaThis is an amazing shot. Seriously, you should teach this stuff. In a few years once your students graduated the photography world would be a lot less boring.Great photo. Everybody else has already said why.

  24. Fascinating image Elaine, definitely very creative. Love the mood your created by the way you composed this shot with the mist and silhouettes. The background bridge is stunning, excellent work!

  25. Quelle finesse dans le traitement ! Une ambiance particulière , envoûtante et avec Annie Lennox … Top 🙂 Bravo!

  26. Very calming, but a hint of depressing as well. I like it.

  27. I love how it seems to go up on the right side of the screen. Great dreamy effect here. You surprised me with that song, my speaker where up and I wasn’t ready for it :)Just wanted to tell you, that seeing your photos, the way it seems natural for you to be taking photos of everything around you, made me buy a new, compact, camera and not the bulky DSLR I was hanging with most of the time.Now I can’t blame the weight of my camera and I’ll try to photograph more photos .All thanks to you 😛

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