Sleepy Roo

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  1. He looks kinda pissed off, Elaine. Did you wake him up?

  2. Such a sleepy baby:-)

  3. Great portrait, she looks so tired. Nice textures.

  4. It does look like Roo – You’re really working those textures. Great to see. Holiday’s over back to work for me…

  5. excellent portrait. I feel the moisture of the nose and have the readiness to cuddle to this pup…:) Very well done!

  6. Elaine you see now you are my favorite Thankyou excellent photo

  7. looks like a gobelin work on a pillow:)very cool

  8. Love the textures in this. I’ve said it before..but he’s such a sweet pup!

  9. please stop taking pictures, hey you don’t use a flash, please let go vip

  10. Mmmm… seems angry… or very concentrated in the tv show!! 😉

  11. Looks very tired!

  12. I think that he just wake up – maybe of your lights – nice portrait

  13. It’s funny to look at this photo, and seeing the title of your blog :)You know how couple, after many years together start to resemble one another. Maybe it’s the same with animals?Are you tired? Shy? Sleepy? :)Great portrait, made me smile 🙂

  14. Yeah, I’ve got to say I fall in with the camp who believe he’s *mightily* unamused. That ain’t the look of a happy bunny lol. I hope you’ve still got your fingers 😉

  15. You taking my picture again? That’s it, no room in the bed for you tonight!!Cool pic, just got back from show, treated myself in the end ;O)

  16. his head will be dropping any moment now.. 🙂 nice shot.. 😀

  17. Not a happy camper! The way his coloring is above his nose it looks like he’s having serious attitude issues! Great processing (as ever)!

  18. this pooch is probably thinking “god another photo?!?! I’m sleepy!” Hehe, excellent capture on the dog’s expression elaine! =D

  19. The cool texture makes it look like someone farted and the dog is not too happy about it. 🙂

  20. I agree with 613, she looks a bit pissed off… and maybe a bit tired… is it pms? ;)Great picture and processing though 🙂

  21. Love the dog’s expression. I also like your cool use of textures.

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