this is so stupid

he says to me… i said ‘what??’… he said ‘you’re holding up the camera like we are standing in front of the taj mahal’… i said ‘i’ll photoshop it in later’

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  1. Funny story, he on the other hand looks a bit moody here :)Nice grainy feel too

  2. I want the Taj Mahal – I bet you hid it under your hat 😉 Love the grain and peering composition. Almost as though you’re both about to say something.

  3. Great shot and processing, nicely framed.

  4. wow, this is fantastic, love it!

  5. It’s great the way they look each other.

  6. Fantastic expressions. Leaves us all guessing as to what the conversation was about.

  7. Beautiful scene Elaine…:)

  8. I wonder how you do that… this is nice !Wonderful mood !

  9. Just excellent!! You have a original treatment and I really like it!

  10. You forgot to photoshop in the Taj-ma-thingy and now it looks like a snow blizzard in London behind you! ha haThis is way cool, Elaine.

  11. This is great Elaine! The body language and exchange of looks are priceless!

  12. Love the mood here…absolutely kick ass title 😉

  13. i love his grumpy face and your (?) smile!

  14. I love it! The expressions and your dialogue. What a great post:-)

  15. un excelente trabajo.saludos

  16. great … your pictures surprise again and again 🙂

  17. I browsed many of your images today and I must say that your editing skills are pretty impressive. You have a gift to bring these (great) images to life.I bookmarked your blog for I really love your style 🙂

  18. I like the fraqming and the way they look each other – great treatment too

  19. 🙂 yep, funny story.. you guys look good together.. 😀 great shot..

  20. I know that look on His face and I’m not going to say what He is really thinking. I really like this shot. Great job!

  21. this is a really touching photograph

  22. Lovely and candid gaze. Nice captureSwissCharles

  23. Haha, love your expressions… Great moment captured.

  24. Great shot! I’ll have to try this with my girlfriend this weekend – she hate’s me taking photos or her, but I might be able to get away with this. You’re an inspiration!

  25. Great story, I love the expressions and the cheeky half grin. This one made me smile today and after two hours with 30 or so screaming kids I needed a smile!!Oh btw it was the tripod….& a head :O)

  26. She sees and laughs!

  27. His expression is priceless and I also like how it contrasts with yours.

  28. Wonderful – and I really like the differing expressions on your faces.

  29. He looks so serious and you so mischievous, very cool shot and processing as always

  30. Awesome photo, Elaine. The expressions make for a great moment. And the composition is great, too; I like the ‘subjects’ both being at the far edges of the frame like that.Excellent.

  31. Very pretty capture of you:-) Funny narrative.

  32. like mood and tones here, great shot …

  33. i loved the funny description and good post processing too 🙂

  34. Excellent ! Les expressions sont terribles ! Un jeu de regard qui en dit en effet très long … 🙂 J’adooore !

  35. Ha great story. Made me smile!

  36. Oh, yes, grain is beautiful… and so are those cold cold tones!!

  37. This photo have particular ambiance. I don’t why but I like it; the people expression? The people position? The colorization? I think it a mix of all. Bravo.

  38. And you did more than excellent job photoshoping it. Just landed on your photoblog, and I love it: great shots!! I will definitely come back.

  39. Ha! Not stupid at all. Love your expressions.

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