he says to me… i said ‘what??’… he said ‘you’re holding up the camera like we are standing in front of the taj mahal’… i said ‘i’ll photoshop it in later’

39 thoughts on “this is so stupid

  1. I want the Taj Mahal – I bet you hid it under your hat 😉 Love the grain and peering composition. Almost as though you’re both about to say something.

  2. Great shot! I’ll have to try this with my girlfriend this weekend – she hate’s me taking photos or her, but I might be able to get away with this. You’re an inspiration!

  3. Great story, I love the expressions and the cheeky half grin. This one made me smile today and after two hours with 30 or so screaming kids I needed a smile!!Oh btw it was the tripod….& a head :O)

  4. Awesome photo, Elaine. The expressions make for a great moment. And the composition is great, too; I like the ‘subjects’ both being at the far edges of the frame like that.Excellent.

  5. This photo have particular ambiance. I don’t why but I like it; the people expression? The people position? The colorization? I think it a mix of all. Bravo.

  6. And you did more than excellent job photoshoping it. Just landed on your photoblog, and I love it: great shots!! I will definitely come back.

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