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  1. Ohh this is a great spooky image, really like this one. Very cool motion blur, well done.

  2. Ghostly shot, nice motion blur.

  3. Very original, surrealistic painting Elaine. Well done.

  4. Like a running house ! Love that motion blur of yours, Elaine*

  5. Very cool motion blur.

  6. Nice use of blur…very moody 🙂

  7. ups, i feel dizzy :)this is just great!

  8. Love the blur…it creates so much emotion and tickles the imagination.

  9. i subscribe.. i feel dizzy too :). nice blur though

  10. I feel dizzy too and I dont even drink !! NICE shot.

  11. Excellent effect…looks spooky!

  12. what a great effect, really scary

  13. Love the mysterious mood. Excellent!

  14. Excellent image Elaine, love the eerie mood in this composition. Outstanding processing, love the effect you created.

  15. The world speeds by:-)

  16. great shot my friend

  17. Nice shot with an interesting PP Nice one Elaine, I like this a lot!

  18. like a quick shot on a driveby. very motionesque feel!

  19. Almost seems like a ghost on the porch. Very interesting shot Elaine!

  20. Comme une tornade qui s’abat devant nous … Effet garanti! Le rendu est génial ! Bravo! 🙂

  21. beautiful capture

  22. it does look a bit spooky now, doesn’t it.. i really like it though.. 😀 great shot!

  23. To me I see life racing by in this photo. Reminding us to slow down!! Great shot.

  24. scary! don`t know why, but this shot is somehow going deep…

  25. Wow!! shot with your Lomo while whirling inside a tornado??

  26. I agree with some of the above, this is spooky, looks like a figure on the porch reaching out, cool processing. I’m a little scared now, nite ;O)

  27. Mystery, spooky, ghost are words that came back often in the comments above and they all perfectly fit 🙂

  28. Great shot, Elaine. Spooky, as others have said. Awesome movement and conversion. Your blacks are clipping at the bottom a little, though. Nothing too bad.For some reason I find this photo musical…is it just me or I have I gone crazy? It also reminds me of a 16mm movie, shot with a long shutter. Some may know what I’m talking about.

  29. I will run faster! I like it,looks like a dream to me. Cool.

  30. Tres dope. A bit disorienting, I like that. And what everyone else already said about the blur.

  31. Dude, this one’s gorgeous. It feels a bit Blair Witchy (wait – that house is *really* there, rite? :-))

  32. Reminds me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Where you speeding away after ringing the doorbell???

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