foggy building

and the traffic report is…. wait… i think i see a car… no… wait…

22 comments on “foggy building”

  1. This reminds me of a postapolacyptic scene from a game… The grain, fog, all adds to this atmosphere. Very cool

  2. Ah, you know I love those power lines.

  3. outstanding … this structures … this grain … this atmosphere … great effect!

  4. What a beautiful grain here, close to newspaper effect, i like that a lot

  5. Looks like a magical..moody..dark kind of day. Wonderful grainy effect!

  6. coollove the lines in the foreground

  7. I like the grain, thetonal range and the mood

  8. Love the shot through the power lines and fog, add the grain its all class

  9. Terrific mood here…very impressive 🙂

  10. The grain does it for me excellent work I hope the dog isnt trapped in that building 🙂

  11. Wow I really like the grain in this photo Elaine! It goes great with the fog!

  12. can’t see other cars in front of you? 😀 with fog like that i doubt if the visibility from your car would be optimal.. i like the effect it gives to this scene though.. and those power lines look so symmetrical to the building.. nice capture.. 😀

  13. Great composition. I like the grain here.

  14. a very mysterious building. i wonder what lies inside? =D excellent grain!

  15. As @k said, it look like a news story, one of impending doom or something. Gtreat atmosphere, am I twaddling? Just woke up but I like it ;O)

  16. This is kind of a eerie photo but i like the framing with the power lines. Cool shot!

  17. I love the grain and lines in this image. Great work.

  18. I came back to look at my comment. I was as serious as a heart attack:-) Love the power lines. You’ll find them in my images.

  19. Reminds me of when your on a roadtrip and sleeping in the car…it’s the kind of thing you see when you first open your eyes. This is great.

  20. Nice, a very communist feel to this building.

  21. It seems a post-atomic contest

  22. grittynand great…uncompromisingcool…

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