eat the world

seize the day!!  i’m taking a break this weekend, got some problems to solve, some cleaning to do, posting will resume on Tuesday, sorry for the inconvenience !

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  1. You must always be sitting on “go”:-)

  2. Cool shot, nice framing. Funny title!

  3. Nice portrait… but it is not safe to drive if you are tired 😉

  4. Wonderful moment. Love how you’ve framed this.

  5. Funny shot!!! Good luck with your duties

  6. ehehe, nice shot

  7. Is he bored with driving or just tired ? nice capture !

  8. lol. That’s just too good, Elaine ;-)Happy cleaning

  9. lol. is as if he’s eating the background. crazy shot 🙂

  10. hehe. The most tired man ever. That shrub in the median looks tasty.

  11. clever title.. i guess hubby had no idea about this post, huh? lol! 😀

  12. wow, fun capture, great shot, a favourite one, surely

  13. He looks how I feel, I too am feeling the need for some time out. Photography is consuming my every thought lately, good luck with your tasks!

  14. Every time I find it funny how the title of the blog fits the photo :)Tell him it’s dangerous to drive when you are so tired :)Good luck with those problems that need to be solved! Sending you warm encouragement from sunny Israel 🙂

  15. Elaine! You are amazing! This yawn will absorb the whole world…:))))

  16. Wow he’s got a big mouth! – Kinda cool image. Is that a double chin I see 😉

  17. and the photographer was there to catch the tired moments

  18. Heheh…thats certainly timed quite well 😉

  19. Weres a new Pic 🙁

  20. Hope you have a good weekend. Fun shot!

  21. looks like he’s tired from a busy day of work! nice candid shot elaine!

  22. hear him roar!

  23. haha … very funny shot … what a luck you have a windshield, because flies, mosquitos and water 🙂

  24. Lol, interesting portrait 🙂 Great shot!

  25. Cool capture! i know that feeling all to well! lol

  26. This is a hell of a yoan there! Incredible breadth to take!

  27. My gosh, he’s always asleep or yawning! Lovely shot, perfectly captured.

  28. I would say, tired in the morning going to work 🙂 Excellent shot!SwissCharles

  29. This shot is so good.

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