the lineup

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  1. Another winner, like the atmosphere this emits… quietness. Very nice

  2. Wow – This is beautiful. Even though I am praying for the heat of summer to sear my back, this makes me see the beauty in winter days. Thanks.

  3. This is beautiful, Elaine. One of my favorites…so soft and the colors are exceptional.

  4. Beautiful atmosphere underlined excellent colouring here…Beautiful painting Elaine.

  5. une atmosphere inquietante, entre chien et loup ……………….

  6. Lovely atmosphere and colours, I love it!

  7. Nice one Elaine – The faint tree gives a nice glow to you composition. Love the tones in the sky.

  8. this is beautiful

  9. So mystic… Beautiful!

  10. love the different colours of the sky and the soft focus

  11. Another fave with me, Elaine. Beautifully processed and presented. Dreamlike and wondrous. Awesome

  12. Stunning colors. Love the mood you’ve captured and created. Excellent!

  13. that’s quite beautiful!

  14. Lovely as usual. All in a passing days work.

  15. Oh, Elaine! How beautiful. This is a stunning image and should be hanging in a gallery!!

  16. Ah A new pic ! this looks like a painting very cool “perfect !!” excellent pastal colours NICE!

  17. That’s beautiful. I think what makes it special is that unique touch of your with the processing.You make the photo look unreal/surreal/dreamy :)Great!

  18. A gorgeous shot Elaine, such fascinating colors. Beautiful landscape picture. Love the soft silhouette effect. Great composition.

  19. definitely misty and foggy! Excellent soft tones, I like this very much Elaine!

  20. That’s him, the short one on the left with the large ears. Gorgeous light in this, I love the soft feeling, it’s calmed me down after a hectic evening! Hope you got all your stuff sorted and the back is better.

  21. Very moody, I like this. The colors really make the photograph.

  22. nice fallout effect.. great work.. 🙂

  23. Love the blurs and motions, very artistic!

  24. Gorgeous shot. Many of the trees appear translucent. Good work, Elaine, and glad to see you back. Hope your problems were solved.

  25. Hope you’re ok after the weekend 🙂 Love the purples in this picture – can almost hear the big crows squawking all around.

  26. Fantastic photograph & the processing is terrific.

  27. Wow love the processing on this shot. The silhouettes of the trees against the colorful sky is a great effect!

  28. This is so dreamy and serene. I could get lost here.

  29. cool–looks almost like a sketch.

  30. this is simply a brilliant shot with great PP.

  31. This is just gorgeous Elaine! The glow of the light in the trees and these colours is superb! Love this shot!

  32. ooh!!! add this to my all time favorites list… immediately!!! bravo — my dreams are made of images like these!!! xxx

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