To touch your face…

28 comments on “To touch your face…”

  1. Love your processing, almost dreamlike, wonderful!

  2. realmente sorprendente el trabajo…saludos

  3. Processing is really awasome! Superb photograph, bravo!

  4. Awh…I see your tender touch:-)

  5. Fantasic “macro” portrait! Really great processing.

  6. Excellent framing and postwork.

  7. with your closeup and process it turns to be an abstract with interesting shapes

  8. ezxellent image and moment

  9. This is such a gentle and touching touch!Beautiful 🙂

  10. Superb! Je trouve cette image pleine de tendresse et de douceur … 🙂 Je me sauve avant de le réveiller … 😉 Joli Elaine ! A bientôt !

  11. nice capture. I like the grains.

  12. i like close-ups on the human bodies. i thinks there are a bold move. and have a great potential. well done

  13. WOW! Incredible mood you’ve captured. As always -love the processing.

  14. beautiful process, great work

  15. Perfectly titled. Took some time to figure it out…totally up close and personal 🙂

  16. I’d better not, as people might start talking!Cool shot and your trademark processing is perfection as always.

  17. Nice!!

  18. Superb, emotional image.

  19. Great processing on this Elaine. I like your choice to do a closeup for this shot.

  20. Buen procesado, me gusta.Saludos.

  21. “To touch you face in the morning light, I hope your always going to be alright”-words of a song hidden in the back seat of my head from long ago. This makes me think that sometimes we should take a moment to realise just how lucky we are. Feeling a bit reflective tonight ;O)

  22. Cool shot and fantastic processing a lovely soft romantic sort of feel to this

  23. i like the abstract feel here.. great work.. 😀

  24. Lovely peaceful shot, the hand caressing the sleeping… very nice,.

  25. Really neat image. The texture and processing works very well on this image.

  26. This is great stuff, Elaine. There’s so much emotion in this shot. Love, trust…it’s really great.

  27. wow!!! what a strong image!! and so uniquely cropped!! very powerful indeed!! is that your hand? amazing processing as always — you certainly have a style all your own and know what you are doing!!! love the use of lighting to create a mood — in this case nearly very surreal!! beautiful work darling!!! xxx

  28. Nice shot! The dreamy atmosphere and toning are great!

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