My dog likes to pretend she human.. never mind human, a princess!! she lays her head on the pillow and dreams of doggy princes

24 thoughts on “sleep like people do

  1. That is so sweet. Years ago we had a Yorkie who did this and would even take a blanket covering. This is where your angel baby and Mattie differ.

  2. I had a dog who loved to get under the covers once, but often I couldn’t see him and when I or someone else sat down on the bed we came close to smashing him many times.He’s cute and does look quite human here. Perhaps he’s emulating your always-asleep husband?

  3. What a great shot. I love the crop, – the rounded framing makes the top half look like a little doggie pillow.My dog prefers to sleep on the floor next to me – the better to leap up onto the bed at 6:00 am when his little doggie alarm goes off.

  4. Bless, she’s so cute and I love this one. I quite often wake up in the night, clinging to the side of the bed only to find Tez spread out in the middle like a lord, they’re both spoilt me thinks and so what ;O)

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