Happy Day

oh happy day! oh haaapy daaaaay! when Jesus washed, my sins away 🙂

20 comments on “Happy Day”

  1. What appears to be a pure moment of innocent joy was superbly caught here.Great!

  2. Such a lovely and adorable picture Elaine. So nice to see a happy and smiling child. A beautiful picture.

  3. Awesome portrait, nice happy moment captured here, well done!

  4. Sweet capture…very happy girl.

  5. Sheer joy captured in the right moment, great image!

  6. so lovelygreat capture

  7. Amin. This image is full of joy.

  8. Fantastic!!! Love her expression..and especially the sweet butteflies on her shirt.

  9. Beautiful candid shot the colours are fantastic nice work Elaine 🙂

  10. joyous and very sweet.

  11. Un petit papillon de lumière parmi d’autres … 😉 Un portrait qui respire la joie de vivre! Superbe!

  12. adorable shot indeed. i like the subtle movement and.. her shirt 🙂

  13. Great moment. She looks very triumphant, like she had just won a gold medal in the Olympics or something. Full of life.I have a shirt just like that.

  14. This “happy day” was great captured! 😉

  15. Happy day indeed, what a great moment! Re your comments yesterday-yes he sleeps just like that lol :O)

  16. très belle image emplie de joie pour cette ‘Journée de la Femme’ !

  17. indeed, the expression of sheer joy is infectious.. i find myself smiling while viewing this photo.. nice shot!

  18. Marvelous…an image of pure joy.

  19. Oh, Yeah!! and all her sins flew to the heaven like these pink butterflies over the white t-shirt!!! Alleluia!!

  20. What a great smile!If there was a definition of “Happy day” in a dictionary, this photo probably should have appeared next to it :)Love those butterflies on her shirts makes look like she is about to leap and fly

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