my niece is playing that game where you pretend the bed is on fire and you roll around trying to get up to the ceiling… she’s not very good at it, as you can see she’s still on the bed

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  1. They’re especially sweet looking when they sleep. In all seriousness. Lovely, soft capture.

  2. …just let me think she’s sleeping…lol

  3. Lol. Love the softness.

  4. le flouté n’est jamais facile. tu y parviens parfaitement

  5. i don’t know this gametell me about it and i’ll teach it to my daughter :)lovely image

  6. Beautiful softness. Love the blurr effect. Really nice!!!

  7. I agree with Marcie…Perfect image.

  8. so lovely, like angels!

  9. Beautiful shot…love the soft focus glow…angelic 🙂

  10. Interesting, this game looks a lot like my”Let’s See How Many Times I Can Press Snooze” game. Great light and blur here.

  11. And the fun continues :DI love the dreamy look here, that’s probably how kids see the world – A fun, big place where all dreams are possible.

  12. excellent atmosphere and colors

  13. beautiful … let the dreams come true.

  14. simply a lovely soft mysterious shot elaine! the beauty of sleeping is well-captured here!

  15. Magnifico retrato, con ese toque glamour que le has dado, muy bueno.Saludos.

  16. i must say, i’m not familiar with that game.. maybe because most of the time i was running outside in the dirt & sun.. lol.. it’s a pretty cool capture though.. the softness you’ve applied works very well.. 😀 great work! 🙂

  17. Brrr… what a game, to scape from the flames… a bit masochist, don’t’ you think? Fortunately, your niece prefer to rest instead of playing… clever girl!!

  18. Funny game, never knew about it.I like the processing of the photo

  19. I think you just made that game up! Lovely shot, I like the blur, has a lensbaby effect to it. Had a go of one of them last week, very strange gadgets!

  20. It’s not just that the textures are great, it’s what you make of them that really gives outstanding results.

  21. “..roll around trying to get up to the ceiling…” Elaine, what are you talking about??? In any case, this is a lovely photo.

  22. Well she gets an A for effort, nice soft capture 🙂 Im sure she gets better with practice 😉

  23. For some reason your photos of your niece remind me of when I grew up. I’m not a girl…it’s not about that. It’s the color and the way things look in general. Very organic and timeless, as opposed to a lot of the suburban houses some suburban kids grow up in these days. It just looks very natural…I can’t explain it.

  24. Shame man !! give her a ladder then very cute love the soft focus

  25. Nice soft, very fresh

  26. Nice shot, I like how the motion blur makes her just a little bit ghostlike. I also dig how the lighting and soft tones give this a very mellow mood.

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