sick of my niece?

but look at how cute… ooops, temper tantrum, horror movie… note mommy’s sick headache during the screaming, and jumping… and screaming.

22 comments on “sick of my niece?”

  1. I love the polar opposites. Contentment, temper tantrum. Glad I wasn’t there for the second one but it makes a great photo.

  2. Aha…the “little girl with the curl”. ;o)

  3. The second shot is really funny with the headache expression at the back.

  4. she’s cutei can fully understand her mummy having a headache though (remember, i have two daughters jumping and screaming at the same time) :)))

  5. Wonderful expressions of emotion. Especially love the light in the first image. It’s as if she’s bathed in it.

  6. First picture is very poetical, second full expression… Great work Elaine!

  7. ethreal!

  8. Keep these for blackmail once she becomes a teenager.

  9. fabulous contrast: angel and devil in two shots!!

  10. she seems so playful, beautiful portrait

  11. Such complete opposites,and from memory can happen so quickly seemingly in the blink of an eye

  12. Been there done that got the t-shirt tell the mum not to worry it will all be over soon and then she will want a car :)))) and it all starts over again

  13. Now you know why all five of my children went straight on Ebay as soon as they were of sufficient weight to raise a decent enough amount of cash! Ha ha

  14. hilarious commentary! topping off this one with a shot with her mom’s expression like that really conveys the message.. 😀

  15. I like the warm colors and the blur in the second image – very nice work

  16. yeah … very cute but … the bigger the children, the bigger the worries ;)))

  17. Ha I like how you captured the mothers reaction to all the noise! Great sense of motion too! I like the soft focus you used for these.

  18. How quickly they can turn on you eh? Great contrasting shots. You made me laugh over on JJ’s blog today, sheep shall inherit the earth, indeed ;O)

  19. Nice shots, really like the second one, true temper there 🙂 and with the mom suffering in the background… very cool 🙂

  20. Love your images. Can u tell me how to get the Referrers like you on the about??

  21. I’m glad you have your thumbnails over there on the side. I must have slept through this post. I always like seeing images of her and I get the idea she enjoys the spotlight too:-)

  22. Pretty in pink! Looks wonderful – and she’s an excellent model!

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