it hurts

Perpetually now

This Pain –

It wipes out my past, my future

All but the searing now.


– Max Jerz

28 comments on “it hurts”

  1. um, does he know you posted this? it looks like he’s really in pain.. or that’s really great acting.. ;D somehow i can see myself having that reaction every monday mornings.. haha..

  2. of course he knows i posted it lol

  3. j’adore la 2Γ¨me

  4. Looks like he’s in a lot of pain, lol.

  5. Manflu?(i.e. what we would call a “bit of a cold” they call “influenza”)Or is the poor chap really sick? Either way, he makes for a nice sequence πŸ™‚

  6. As I scrolled down, I was thinking of a turtle/tortoise emerging from his shell!Great shots, Elaine, and the emotion is there, plain and simple. Great work

  7. Very nice catch of emotion here. So simple, and very well displayed series.

  8. HAHA You’re so bad!! That poor man!!Hey, I tagged you for a meme. Check it out on my blog, and I’m sure you’ll like this one!!

  9. ouch, what’s wrong? he looks really suffering, poor guythe top one is the best shot imho

  10. Incredible emotion you captured. Am surprised he let you turn the camera on him..when so totally and completely miserable!!!

  11. Pains of morning getting up..:)))

  12. no no, it was much worse than ‘getting up’… he was in AGONY, the pain in his head was so bad he was puking all day and night, and the puking was so bad he got a hernia in his stomach.

  13. Great series!!! πŸ™‚ Very good idea, great captured!

  14. His pain looks like it’s tormenting him. Pain is a terrible thing. I wish it could be fixed:-(

  15. You have captured the expression on his face beautifully. He seems pretty ill and in excruciating pain

  16. What a pain, I hope that was not anything serious

  17. Ufff! You always surprise me… Those shots are really hard, shocking. I think they are a new and different step in photoblogging, some kind of “reality show”…we are diving each day deeper in your life…

  18. Is it migraine…hope is well now…

  19. very funny series – I like the home atmosphere

  20. yes, it hurts to be photographed so early in the morning πŸ˜‰ lol

  21. Poor fella, I hope he’s feeling better!? Learn anything new today?? ;O)

  22. so realistic, i am feeling bad for him…i hope he’s feeling better!

  23. Haven’t you tormented this poor guy enough?! No wonder he’s in pain – every time he falls asleep or yawns, you at him with the camera! Click! Click! Click! He must be on the edge of a nervous breakdown!

  24. You can almost feel the pain just looking at this. I hope he is feeling better now!

  25. I think he looks constipated, Elaine! And suddenly I’m laughing hysterically (I’m so sorry!).

  26. Great series, he definitively looks like he is in some serious pain…

  27. Migraines…I know them well. I hope he’s feeling better.

  28. ouch. This is a really painful series–you know, in that hurts so good sorta way…

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