6 X 6 Meme

Elaine over at Commotion tagged me in this meme, which i am not going to tag anyone else in lol so don’t worry. You are supposed to take the sixth folder in ‘My Pictures’ and publish the sixth photo in it. So here it is, what else, a photo of ma doggy… 🙂

17 comments on “6 X 6 Meme”

  1. hmm.. his pose reminds me of yoda.. he’s simply too cute! 😀

  2. Love that dog. Giant ears.

  3. and is that a pair of jeans on the floor? Cool colors.

  4. il est rigolo ce toutou !!

  5. HAHA I love it!! Thanks for playing along girlie. Too bad you didn’t tag anyone!! 😛

  6. Love the deep rich tones and background blacks. He’s quite the movie star..isn’t he???

  7. hmmm, i’ve just checked and i don’t even have 6 images in my ‘my pictures’ folder, i never used that folderanyway, this is a cool shot, so it worth publishing

  8. very cute … lol … I think he can fly 🙂

  9. realmente divertida…saludos

  10. lol nice pose

  11. May I have an autograph please! 🙂

  12. I’m glad you didn’t tag me, I checked, it was a reference photo that wasn’t even one of my own! Sooo you struck lucky cos she’s always cute. Have a good weekend :O)

  13. I think this is the most famous dog in the photobloggosphere!! Really cute!!

  14. I think Rian said it best… Yoda :)Great shot and such big ears … cute 🙂

  15. always he has an innocent face 🙂

  16. Never mind the Jeans look at that cool Dog with a cute face better than my bird 🙂

  17. Look at those ears, so cute!

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