lights in the sky

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  1. Ah yeah. This is really cool. Love it, Elaine…especially that one shadow for some reason. Seems like an alien world.

  2. Cool. The shot is clean and I like the framing.

  3. Nice framing, love the blue sky.

  4. Very cool composition – simply and elegant. Really nice blue sky

  5. wow, really creative framing

  6. Fantastic..and very different! Love the graphic simplicity..the colors..the way you’ve framed it to look like a polaroid!!Very creative!

  7. A grand shot, is it really a polaroid? the image itself is quite powerful, the lights have an alien quality.

  8. You are such a creative little bunny, Elaine. This is way cool and superbly presented

  9. gorgeous colour and composition!

  10. what a beautiful colour of the sky

  11. Fun shot Elaine, Nice compostition

  12. Cool shot amazing never seen lights like this before look my old Army cup upside down :)))

  13. excellent abstract with great colours and the complementary colours on the frame is a gorgeous presentation.

  14. Very minimalistic and blue…I like it very much 🙂

  15. I like this urban detail – excellent colors and work

  16. These are like small butterflies :DAwesome shot! Very graphic, very minimalistic. Love such photos.

  17. You think they’re lights but actually they’re parked UFO’s!! Nice compo, I like the shadows too.Oh the clock was old but I added a texture or two ;O)

  18. These lights are pretty cool. They look almost like my cats water bowl 🙂 I like the shadows too.

  19. I’m not sure I would have necessarily loved it… IF there wasn’t that shadow of the light on the left: for me that brings all its sense to this picture!

  20. Mmmm… but… where is Coco???? Cocooooo!!!!;-)

  21. those blue skies go well with the silvery look of those light posts.. nice work! 🙂

  22. I like the blue and yellow contrast. I also like how the lights seem alien and out of place because of the way you framed this.

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