junk food!!

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  1. Cool shot, nice angle and colours.

  2. LOL! Pink leaf on the yellow, monstrualnie great letter looks how the medal…Nice composition.

  3. trรจs belle photo

  4. The menacing “Big M”… “The Big McBrother”… I’m sorry, I hate McDonnalds, and you have expressed perfectly in this shot all my thoughts about this brand.!!! Excellent!! Kisses.

  5. cool shotlove that canadian leaf on the logo, i wonder what we should put there ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Love the subtle irony in this image. As if the golden arches are proud to be Canadian????FUN!!!

  8. I eat there five nights a week, a few breakfasts and a couple of lunches every week, and I see no problem with the mighty ‘M’ myself.Doctors tell me that the Gastric bypass that they will do next week, along with the stomach stapling has little to do with the fat intake whatsoever, and that eating five MacDonalds hot apple pies every day and two large banana milkshakes is a commendable way of ensuring my five a day fruit quota.I like being twenty nine stone and am fed up with the nany state trying to tell me what’s good or bad for me. They’ll be saying next that a MacDonalds Root beer contains no beer! Sheesh!!!!

  9. ah, the golden arches of Ro-Macs! great pp.

  10. And I thought old macdonald had a farm ๐Ÿ™‚ whats he doing with a Burger Joint great Angle Elaine

  11. Definitely a great framing shot. The colors and textures really pop in this image. Excellent capture Elaine.

  12. I really don’t like fast food but this is a great shot

  13. the lighting is fantastic – excellent detail and colors

  14. Thats not good, i am hungry now! :)Amazing, great composed M! I like processing too! Bravo!

  15. I like the graininess of this shot. gives it a timeless and kind of menacing feel–like that sign is going to come get me…

  16. well we can never have enough of mickey D’s right? i go there for breakfast nowadays only, but yes you’ve used an excellent angle to capture this, and along with the grain it adds much interest to the shot, great work elaine!

  17. Ha love the grain and the color is jumping off the screen! The leaf in the middle makes me curious though. I wonder why they have that there?

  18. I never knew you guys have Canadian leaf on the M… You learn something new everyday :)I don’t mind the M they are ok I guess.. But it’s been very long since my last visit to our neighborhoods M ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Great lighting and unique camera position, as usual it’s always a pleasure to look at your photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I’m loving it, as their slogan says over here, I’m loving the image but not so much the food, I try to stay away, lolGlad I cheered you up yesterday :O)

  21. the leaf here is what grabs my attention.. it’s really “canadian”.. ;D makes me hungry too! nice capture!

  22. Nice, I like how your framing and processing makes something very interesting out of an otherwise ordinary scene. The lighting is nice too… What’s with the leaf? Is this in Canada or something? p.s. Typing the word appearing in the picture is tough for those of us properly celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

  23. Oh this is just great… now I am craving a Big Mac….

  24. ewww the evil golden arches!!! I love the texture you gave this thing. Makes me want fries… NOW

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