Where do we go now?

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  1. c’est comme les chemins de la vie!

  2. Anywhere but here? :)Cool shot, love the curve. Nice textures.

  3. Looks out of this world, like space age and yet old, I half expect Joe 90 or the Thunderbirds crew to go walking by. Love the texture but hey you knew I would, in fact I think I blame you for my texture “problem” ;o)

  4. really dig the vintage processing you did here.. great work! 🙂

  5. nice graphic shot

  6. Interesting shot…love the geometry and the treatment 🙂

  7. Futuristic vision of the world…Splendid processing, Elaine – as usual 🙂

  8. You had a good vantage point for this and I realize it’s not an easy accomplishment with traffic and such. Really nice for a texture application.

  9. Nice shot, really like the processing and the pov… and I’m not shure where to go now either 😉

  10. Very cool, I love how the geometry works in the composition. Also, with the processing giving a vintage feel, this reminds me of one of those reels from the 1950s where they envision the world of tomorrow.

  11. Impressive curve, and I love your treatment on this one, the grainy m°°d is wonderfully and the tones very vintage !

  12. awesome creative textures here!

  13. Graphic curve ! I like very much you work !

  14. welcome back … great you post again :)I like it … excellent postwork and mood.Elaine,yes, I need a break … so I turned off the commentary function, I hope everybody can nevertheless enjoy the pictures 🙂

  15. Love the composition on this. Great sweeping arcs. I drive past a similar series of ramps when I head to Boston, but, as Sherri notes, it’s hard to find a place to park and get a shot.

  16. Hi Elaine… The cuved road on the top captures my attention completely. And, as usual, your textures are definitive to make this “elainegraphy”. Cheers.

  17. i know i am a little crazy because i LOVE views underneath highway overpasses… but this made me smile because we both love the same thing!!! 🙂 love that upper deck, how it arches away! beautifully seen! LOVE the added textures! xxx

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