Long Day

after a long day of jam making and playing outside, she has collapsed on the floor, waiting for dinner

15 comments on “Long Day”

  1. Lovely, dreamy photo and wonderful caption.

  2. Nice capture!

  3. wow i love the creativity you displayed here elaine. a lovely portrait by all sorts! =D

  4. She looks so tired, love how you composed this shot, great processing too!

  5. lovely

  6. Oh…this is dreamy. Love how you’ve framed this. Gorgeous color!!

  7. Perfect…all.

  8. lol! yep, i think all that mixing got to her.. very nice capture here.. 🙂

  9. wow great process here

  10. not sure how you got such great colour and such contrast but it really works…pops from the screen!

  11. Yep… looks like she is out… great capture and composition.

  12. great composition. love her expression. well done elaine 🙂

  13. Hi!I really like the bright colors and heavy contrast here. The white “background” and her expression help give this shot a great dreamy feeling.

  14. I like the colors, the contrast, the girls tired face and the background

  15. Oh you’ve worked her too hard! This is the 21st cebtury you know, lol.I like the distant look and the high key pp. Great oversized shirt too, remind of painting at school, I can just about remember back that far 😉

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