you don’t remember your name, coz there ain’t no one for to give you no name… lalalalala  🙂  i’m not going to be posting on fridays and saturdays anymore, give me a chance to do some processing for the week n’ stuff…..

17 thoughts on “In the Desert

  1. can’t find you in your old site.. the feed gives me an error, so i guess your move’s now official, eh? 😀 kewl! me likey! ;D

  2. Wow you have a new blog, like don’t tell me, just let me find out on my own :O) just kidding of course, it’s all looking good.The image is a stark contrast to the freezing pictures we were seeing a few months ago, like a desert scene and the light lines a ghostly cactus 🙂 I like it!

  3. I really love this kinda photography you do. The car window stuff. There’s something magical about the road. Car is a time machine ya know. The post processing you did fits really well. Reminds me of technicolor or maybe an aged postcard. So there’s your comment, dammit!

  4. Wonderful shot ! Memories … I went there in April and I liked ; It is beautiful and bewitching! Bravo also for your new design of blog … 😉

  5. ooh! very surreal! love the photo layering!! like ghosts of time travels past!!! 🙂 kisses to you dear! and bravo on the no friday / saturday posting… reclaim your weekends!! xoxoxo

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