icky icky licky licky

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  1. A cute puppy in a gorgeous light just at the right moment…Bravo!

  2. Nice soft picture… looks like she has grown since last time I saw a picture of her.

  3. Beautiful portrait… I love it!

  4. this is a perfect shot

  5. lovely and so cute. congrats for your new place elaine :))hugs

  6. Magical light in this. Love his sweet little tongue..and how you captured it.

  7. Great light… so sweet…

  8. It seems to have feasted … 😉 Lovely picture ! Bravo Elaine !

  9. She’s quite a little princess, isn’t she? Such a soft portrait.

  10. Well that’s one less neighbour to worry about and you won’t have to feed her for a couple of days :O) Seriously it’s a lovely shot of your little cutie, we’re leaving Tez at home, I’m going to miss him 🙁 Catch you soon!

  11. that pooch is giving you “the face” but it also looks like the doggie is giving you its pose! =]

  12. aww what a cutie :D*sending some online hugs and cuddles*

  13. Great timing, it was probably having a yummy dream, lol.

  14. Ha, this face, such a great bat-like dog ! Love the tongue :)))

  15. I like the softness of this image. Your doggie is very cute.

  16. super lovely Gremlins, so cute !!!

  17. This might be the cutest pup I’ve ever seen! 😉

  18. lol! he’s really a cute one, ain’t he? 😀

  19. oh dear oh dear! i just LOVE this title!! what a dear! so cute, so soft… something tasty must be on his nose!! lick lick lick!!! 🙂 xoxox

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