“You gave me loving · In the palm of my hand · I can’t tell you how I feel · My heart is like a wheel · Let me roll it · Let me roll it to you …”
Play this most excellent song, i resisted putting it on autoplay and trusted you to listen to it 🙂 posting early on Sunday again, actually the first minute of Sunday because I find not posting on the weekends a little difficult! Plus I’m trying to cheer myself up coz full metal jacket is on, is it just me or is that a totally depressing movie??

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16 thoughts on “Let me roll it…

  1. wonderful portrait, creatively done. I agree with you…the movie is a little depressing. ;-)I look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

  2. LOL. YES that movie is completely depressing! change the channel!! 😛 this is lovely — the decayed processing adds a psychological element here that complement the worn and textural lighting!! an emotional jigsaw!! beautifully reflective! xoxox

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