Vintage Roo

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  1. Nice soft image… looks like she is away in doggy dreamland. Nice

  2. Lovely pic.. Like it a lot

  3. I love it! Sweet dream…

  4. she’s listening…

  5. She has a nice pillow, love her yoda ears, lol.

  6. tendresse et douceur

  7. Very nice result.

  8. Adorable! Seems so peaceful and love the processing… I won’t ask 🙂

  9. Such a lovely and peaceful feeling from this photo. Excellent soft lighting and wonderful tones. Your site keeps getting better each time I visit Elaine. You are inspiring me to enhance my site too. Great job on your images and site.

  10. What a cute title. You’re exactly right:-)

  11. I like the atmosphere ! Have you tried a b&w conversion ? It could be nice as lights are beautiful here !

  12. I like the image, the mood and your new site disign

  13. Oh that dog! Looks so happy! :-)…and, could you explain to me how you processed this? 😉

  14. Vintage Roo is in doggie heaven…sleeping and dreaming his life away. 🙂

  15. Love the softness in this image because it mirrors the softness of the pillows your doggy is laying on and conveys a dreamlike quality!

  16. he looks pretty content and peaceful.. i wanna be like him.. 🙂 great shot!

  17. however you got there it works really well

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