before there’s any other confusion lol that red in the sky is a cloud, it was sundown, i just over saturated the photo 🙂

15 comments on “Fahrvergnugen”

  1. Love the title… excellent night shot!

  2. Had to look up the title… and found it very fitting 🙂 Nice night-drive shot.

  3. That strip of red between the car and traffic light is unusual and interesting. (German engineering too:-)

  4. UFO on the sky…?Beautiful night shot Elaine!

  5. Cool night shot!

  6. that’s not a cloud, that’s an alien starship, anyone can see that, it’s obvious

  7. Love the wonderful deep color and the spots of bright colored lights. Such a great image!!!

  8. great urban night shot with a great sky !

  9. All the charm and the mystery of night picture … Love the composition too! Bravo Elaine !

  10. Love night shot…. and i Love this shot

  11. Nice colors and mood. Love it.(and the cat from my previous post is mine, yeah 🙂

  12. Lovely composition… Excellent night shot, Elaine!It’s the Stargate opening up! 🙂

  13. excellent mood and colors

  14. Wow great night time shot. All of the colors really are great in this one.

  15. i googled what Fahrvergnugen was and i just got learned.. 😀 was that a cloud or a ufo? (cue in sinister music).. 😀 nice work!

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