Ladies in Waiting

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  1. My, my, she has grown. She’s beautiful. (I know I’ve said that before.) PS: I like this design too.

  2. Very cool, got this old phot feel to it. Nice work

  3. magnifique ce portrait! j’adore

  4. So beautiful…

  5. Timeless feeling, Waiting rooms are always the same, the girls are so cute, so tensed in their waiting*

  6. it’s lovely, i wonder what they’re waiting for

  7. very very good processing. i like it

  8. It´s so cool….. love it a lot…

  9. lol! different theme again? ;D she looks like emma watson in this shot.. 🙂 nice work!

  10. Sweet.!!! Wonderful sense of timelessness..with a hint of anticipation for whatever it is they’re awaiting.

  11. Wonderful shot. Love it! Cool blog design.

  12. Another nice, moody portrait :-)Nicely processed: It really looks very old.

  13. I like the atmosphere and the old time looking image

  14. Really nice shot and I like it in B&w. BTW I like this blog design the most out of your recent ones. I like how it shows the past blog entries as smaller photos under the big one. Nice!

  15. Beautiful portrait, nice bw, love the vignetting.

  16. Dance rehearsal or recital? Awesome candid portraits of these girls!

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