Tiny Dancer 2

ok there’s no more music, you can turn your computer’s volume back up lol

22 comments on “Tiny Dancer 2”

  1. She looks like she’s having a lot of fun, love the lighting, great processing!

  2. Oh the music is gone, we can all visit again, I am just kidding, promise 🙂 Love the light in this but I do think you’re cruel making her perform just so you can take photos, what a mean auntie you are 😉

  3. i already started missing the musiccute shot

  4. very good processing , and beautiful lighti love the mood of your pics !enjoy your week end

  5. Love the shimmering light. Such a joyous image!!!

  6. Nice light…very poetic !

  7. Very nice with the window as a back light. Gives it a great mood. Nice work.music is fine too though, just give me a stop button lol.

  8. I like your effect but sometimes in some photos they dont have a good result or effect for the visitir.but this is a good photo.FYI I am 16 years old & that 71 is my shamsi birth day

  9. She’s got the light! :-)Nicely caught. Beautiful.

  10. her dance is like one ballerina on the tips of the toe … and I can hear the music 🙂

  11. i like her posing, she knows what shes doing =]

  12. 🙂 cool shot and great mood in the pic

  13. lighting, the motion and the mood has come out great 🙂 her happiness and smile is radiating.

  14. she seems to enjoy every bit of the dancing and the lighting here is very beautiful!

  15. The mood makes a dream-like image, lovely Elaine!!

  16. Nice shot…lovely light. Interesting moment 🙂

  17. Great how her knee’s fold 🙂 Great dancer, for sure*

  18. Oh! She will be the star !!!

  19. Oh how lovely and adorable. A great photo Elaine, like the lighting and her beautiful smile.

  20. Really nice backlighting in this. Her foot on the floor makes a great focal point.

  21. wonderful lighting here, she looks very comfortable in front of the camera.. nice work! 😀 new theme too! me likey! ;D

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