makin’ a face

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  1. Cool portrait.. dig the processing.

  2. j’adore tes photos

  3. Very nice post processing… vintage feel. Great colors and a nice portrait too.

  4. cute shotand i see someone is making a hair also 🙂

  5. Ha! Nice “horizontal” portrait. Curious the expression of the lips!

  6. Great portrait. Looks like an old photo, love the processing!!

  7. beautiful processing again one time , your imagination is without limits ! have a great day ,Elaine

  8. Love how you’ve framed this. And – am amazed at the similarity in the two facial expressions of yesterday’s post and today’s. Really nice!!!

  9. Great framing and processing! Great job!!

  10. the effect is excellent!

  11. wow! that’s one cool frame you used there! excellent work! 🙂

  12. Super effects you got here . I love it . I need to try the same with people . Tried already with nature shot, but I really love these layers stuff on portraits ! Cheers !

  13. I am new to your blog…The photograph and the work is really good…Keep posting such interesting posts…

  14. it’s like an old photography … great post processing … I like it! … and it’s really a pleasure everyday a new layout!

  15. Or i can say.. trying to make a face since this is a beautiful portrait in general. the textures you’ve applied here are nice too.

  16. she is such a doll!! a beautiful protrait with gorgeous color! love the worn textures too — life wears us all down, beautifully! 😉 kisses to you!!! xoxox

  17. Nice one! I really like the textures but more, I like how you turned this one on it’s side! You are always so unexpected.

  18. Love the slideshow and gallery Elaine. Your portraits are always so impressive and unique. Lovely capture of your adorable niece. She looks like an angel that will keep you going.

  19. I tried to comment on this yesterday but it wouldn’t work for some reason? Man I love this, the pp is sooooooo cool!!!!

  20. A great, old art portrait. And a very nice young lady!

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