you don’t wanna know


don’t tell me i should have cropped the sides out 😛 don’t tell me it’s annoying or distracting, my viewfinder isn’t faithful and i want to keep my exif data, so no cropping!

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  1. i like the edges btw…

  2. u can’t read on the wall ? i do it for you :T O T A L L YL I K EY O UIL O V EY O U RC R E A T I V I T Y;) have a nice day

  3. Health O Meter? Who on earth though of that? Multi tasking though, check your eyesight whilst being weighed!:) I like the shot, the muted tone is nice, not sure why cropping would affect exif data? Having said that I like the dark area on the left anyways 🙂

  4. Just checked my eyesight. I can read everything except for the last two lines. Is that bad?

  5. Very creative on this photo, I really like it. I seriously dont know how you do it tho with that Sigma DP1, one fixed focal length arghhhh =P Maybe one day i’ll switch to primes.

  6. I totally went to the eye doctor last week. Good news my eyesight has improved slightly. Bad news I guess that is normal right before you need bi-focal lenses(lame). I like this shot it emphasizes that sterile your in the doctors office look. Nicely done Elaine!

  7. lol! okay, i won’t ask then.. but the shot has a polaroid look to it that i like.. nice work.. 🙂

  8. Always has wanted to know how much my eyes weigh ! Great ! :))

  9. No, no cropping … no need to touch anything here . It looks PERFECT !!! Thanks for the free eye examination :))

  10. lol … you are always interesting … lol … I love your original creativity!

  11. there are ways to crop an image and keeping the EXIF data with the magic of photoshop! =]

  12. Yup…I have a smile on my face before I even open you up! 😀

  13. this. Love the perfect simplicity..the sense of nostalgia..the composition. Wonderful!!!

  14. Cool lines and idea… and the title is just perfect. 🙂

  15. I won’t tell you that because I wouldn’t have cropped it either. I rarely crop an image. (did you know you can crop an image without losing the Exif data?)

  16. I like this. The color is awesome!

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