such a boring picture i just might nod off

16 comments on “fountain!”

  1. There is a nice mood in it…

  2. Nothing boring here , but a great treatment for a fresh viewHave a nice day (well night 🙂

  3. what happened to that one on the left? a rebel one?

  4. Hehe…love the odd one out.

  5. Simple..yes. Love the light in this..the processing!!!

  6. Can I go for a dip, can I?? Love itttttt!!! xx

  7. Beautiful shot, nice processing

  8. hmm.. there’s that one odd jet of water that’s pointed in the wrong direction.. is it to drench the people passing by? 😀

  9. Great processing and framing 🙂

  10. boring picture noooooooo … dancing ghosts with stone shoes, accompanied by green monsters … lol … 🙂

  11. Yes, boring, boring… and without textures, aarrrrgghh! LOL… Nooo, I’m joking. What’s that water jet on the left?

  12. Boring? I don’t think so. I love how that one spout is just shooting water out to the side when all the others are pointing up! There has be to one in every crowd!! 🙂

  13. Well…This kind of shot is boring usually, but not with you: You really found a way to spice it up and stand out. Fin work 🙂

  14. Boring? I like it! Nice use of textures did that one stream that seems to point out of the fountain get anyone wet?

  15. The processing and background give this a creepy feel. It’s like a Stephen King fountain or something, I think evil is about to spew forth from it at any moment.

  16. Your out of control Elaine!! haha – I like it.

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