Excitement and Candy


honey!! there’s puke on the floor!!

15 comments on “Excitement and Candy”

  1. Such fun! Love it!! I think we should all be silly about candy…

  2. That’s a lot of excitement over candy. He’s a cutie.

  3. Ha ha so cute , look like an irresistible small rascal, your Calvin Klein Jr.Have a nice day

  4. hehe, i still like it

  5. He’s so cute, great portraits!

  6. Wait is that really puke? Or is it candy like taffy that he has um decided to stretch to the floor? Great portraits by the way. Kids are hard because they move around so fast, well unless they are puking then I guess they are kind of still 😉

  7. yes that’s REALLY puke lol

  8. Nice moment! Great portraits.

  9. awwww …what a sweet boy :))) Pretty portraits !!!

  10. Elaine … OMG … you have a great sense of humour … really funny 🙂

  11. Same reaction I have when I eat gummy bears. 🙁

  12. Such a silly photo, looks like fun and a bunch of cleanup afterwords =P

  13. Where did you find THAT little cutie, Elaine??!!

  14. Great expressions in the first one… the second one… yuck. Too much candy and bouncing can do that to anyone.. 😉

  15. funny kid.. i guess he had too much candy.. 😀

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