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  1. Well maintained house and neighborhood.

  2. love the composition of the sign and the house(though i don’t get the title)

  3. Love the stop sign, nice angle!

  4. Salut Miss Elainei hope u have a nice day – stop – i love thoses vintage tones u used – Stop – i can see handicapped parking places – STOP – it mean if we don’t respect the stop, it will be our place in future – Stop- Enjoy your week end – Stop ;)Telegram posted from France at 10.50 am

  5. Ahh so Edward has been around fixing up the neighbors bushes… Cool shot, like the inclusion of the stop sign… movie was great too.

  6. hmm.. yep, could be.. that thing must be hard to maintain.. 😀 i like how you juxtaposed the stop sign there.. nice shot!

  7. In the city , close to my Yellow cafe :))) We are so close, everything looks the same:) Are you in Guelph ?

  8. I’m guessing the lines here reminded you of the movie? I wouldn’t have thought of it, but I see your point…ah-ha, no pun intended.

  9. STOP the scissorhands otherwise the traffic sign is on the next picture away … love the vintage feeling.

  10. ohh I love stop signs 🙂 they make me smile. Not sure why but they just do. Maybe its the bright red sign that says NO 😉 great capture. I see you have been busting out the DP1 out a lot more lately. Very cool – I do not know much about this camera but it seems to suite you well. Me

  11. I really like the boldness of the stop sign in this shot, yet still having a good depth of field. There is a mood here, a feeling that something is about to happen. Well seen 🙂

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