shedding dog, hair all over the pillow… i suppose you may have guessed that i’m trying not to process my photos as much, so i’m trying to make a photoshop action to do a quick 70’s feel, course that was 15 days ago, since i’m posted ahead now…

15 comments on “Hair”

  1. This just makes me smile.. what a cute and curious dog!

  2. So cute! What’s the dog looking at?

  3. what’s the dog so seriously looking at? they both seem to be a good pair 🙂

  4. one is ready for a walk , but not the other one ;)Have a nice day , Miss Elaine

  5. it has a mood like a reneissance painting: king hubby and the royal dog

  6. Skin is such odd stuff. I’m drawn to studying the odd little wrinkles on the top of the dogs head and your hubby’s ear. Nice gritty feel to this.

  7. i love your natural takes. they are homely.

  8. COOL :))))))) Excellent processing ! Love it !

  9. Is he tired after a walk with the dog? … big smiles …I am certain that were you with the scissors 😉

  10. awh… little sleepy-poos! 🙂 i LOVE a good afternoon nap — in fact, i love a good nap ANYTIME of day!! nothing better than a beautiful kip!!! kisses to you too doll!! xoxox

  11. Another funny shot… sure they make a good pair ! 🙂

  12. Love this alot Elaine…brings a smile to my face.

  13. Looks like the dog has found something to eat down there… ready to attack it too.. Nice shot

  14. Funny moment! And a great processing!

  15. it’s like they’re mirroring each others pose.. 🙂 nice capture.. 😀

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