Where did my ass go?


It’s my birthday, well, on the 5th, and I thought I would amuse myself 🙂 my brother lost his mule 😛

21 comments on “Where did my ass go?”

  1. Hahaha… wonderful ! You are a fearless photographer !


  3. You really are a crazy bunch, aren’t you :)Happy birthday to you Elaine. I hope you have a wonderful day!Another libra…mine was a week ago today.

  4. Hehe..funny shot. Happy Birthday!! Two more days till I celebrate my birthday on the 7th! 🙂

  5. Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu !Joyeux anniversaire , Wish u the best during this special day , i have no doubt u will celebrate that with crazyness ;)Totally like you , kiss kiss

  6. hehe, what a classic birthday shot :)happy birthday!

  7. Funny…HA! HA! Position – they say – is everything in life!!!And – Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is everything you wish for!!!

  8. That title and that pic = big grin ! Thks :))

  9. Heh – thats photography with an angle. Good you didn’t use a fisheye *G* Hope you’ll have a nice birthday 🙂

  10. LOL, great capture.

  11. ei!! happy birthday! that’s a fun capture to celebrate this day.. ;D

  12. hahaha … I can’t believe my eyes! … lol … you are so funny :-)Elaine I wish you all the best for your birthday !!!

  13. mais ou est ce que j’ai bien pu les mettre, nom d’une pipe !!

  14. j’allais oublier ” happy birthday ” of course……….combien ca fait deja …….

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. LOL!!! happy birthday sweetie!! i hope you get everything you ever wanted!!! (including finding your brothers lost mule!) 😛 xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Happy birthday, maybe you’ll get a new computer. Won’t ask how old you are. Funny shot, we never know what you are going to shoot next with your camera Elaine, great candid work.

  18. happy birthday! go have some cake while your brother is looking for his mule. because once he finds his mule, you’ll have to share all the cake that’s left.

  19. I am late !!! Happy birthday to you Elaine ! This shot is very very funny !!! He lost your present? I like very much his jeans ! ;-)))) Excellent !

  20. What a moment…! 🙂

  21. A wonderful angle and composition with superb color:)

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