Curiosity killed the cat


24 comments on “Curiosity killed the cat”

  1. with those adorable eyes,why wouldn’t a cat be curious?

  2. ton titre est assez cruel dis donc!très belle photo

  3. So cute and so adorable ! 🙂 a great funny portrait , with a funny expression . We use the same in France , well , almost , “la curiosité est un vilain défaut” we can translate word by word in “the curiosity is a bad defect”Have a great day , didnt drink to much beer for your birthday ? 😉 Or champagne maybe !?

  4. hmmm, it appears to me to be a dog and to be alive…but anyway, fantastic portrait of a … cat, er… no, a dog!

  5. But obviously not the doggie! He’s beautiful still and such a little poser! Nice one Elaine!

  6. Cute puppy dog eyes! Love the whiskers too!

  7. Beautiful portrait of such an adorable puppy!

  8. Cute puppy with irresistible eyes 🙂

  9. Always this adorable sweet little face and this treatment which goes to him so well …Bravooo ! 🙂

  10. What a wonderful portrait!! Love the sweet expression on his face…the color and light.

  11. that’s one cute mutt.. is he a new addition to your family? 😀

  12. Wonderful portrait! Lovely!

  13. Ah, what a cute look :)) Good one :))

  14. Oh…what a sweet dog… look at him…those eyes !

  15. you are perhaps cunning, I assume you have something in the hand, therefore his curious eyes … lol … poor dog you must always play the model 🙂

  16. best wishes for your birthday – I like the dog’s portrait very much

  17. Cool golden angle ! Miaow ! :))

  18. love the glare this doggie is giving you, posing for the cam at its best!

  19. OMG! His eyes along would kill a cat!

  20. mm.. miss my dog!

  21. What a cute dog! Is it yours?

  22. Looks like he adores you… nice

  23. fantastic shot!

  24. So cute! 🙂

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