8 comments on “Bum!”

  1. Hehe…love the processing, very cool!

  2. hey elaine, i love this photo. it’s earthy and casual and the color is great. nicely done!

  3. lol , you are totally crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))thanks for this funny shot , poor hubby , even when he sleep , Elaine is around ;)Have a great week end , and if you have time , can u create a banner for me ?? ;)thanksssssssssssssss xxxxxxxxx

  4. Looks like everybody needs a rest!

  5. Your husband’s bump, I assume…. very sexy, LOL!!xh

  6. Hey, get up, it is enough of resting :))) Weather is nice, finally , get up 🙂 Cool shot !!!! Cool processing ! Love it !

  7. The tones in this are exceptional. The jeans look especially vintage.

  8. Nice processing as always.. not so sure about what to say about yours hubbys butt though 😉

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