That train just keeps on rollin’…


10 comments on “That train just keeps on rollin’…”

  1. It has a great sense of motion to it while thinking about your title. Nice.

  2. moody and very dreamy … beautiful color and effect.

  3. Very soft, lovely rural scene!

  4. Superb softness here, Elaine, and I love to have to come closer of my laptop screen to catch the train ! 🙂 Have a nice sunday ~ ~ ~ 

  5. is it from the train window?cool

  6. Hi Elaine… Have you try cleaning the lens??!! LOL!! Not, really, I like it, nostalgic, from an ancient time.

  7. BEautiful Train in a field :)) So very lovely ! Cool processing !

  8. i like watching changing sceneries from trains.. 🙂 this one looks pretty nice.. 🙂

  9. i love traveling by train. but in western america, most train travel is impractical (because of the great distances involved) and its we, most of us, travel by car instead. i like taking photos from the car, unless i’m driving, but most of the time the photos are rushed and hurried feeling. i prefer making leisurely to your photograph: it feels like it is moving. one focuses on something, the house in the distance, the other train, and then it is gone and one is looking at the grass instead. or the sky. it goes by in a flash.

  10. Dig the soft misted look on this… cool

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