not to reason why..


It’s God’s own secret how my mind works… there’s nothing I can tell you about why I like this photo…

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  1. It is a nice composition.I think we should look more often to the sky.

  2. i like the wires too. maybe it’s the sense of connection they symbolize. or the sense of order. we are all included somehow, wired together into the whole that defines us.

  3. yes there is no reason , but i like this moody pic too , wires , symbol of communications , in a strange sky , symbol of fresh pure air , the parallel lines , symbol of orderarffff it’s too early to think , but i like the pic , yeah !have a sparkle day

  4. You know, that is exactly how i feel about some photos sometime. Its just a good one and nothing more to say about it.

  5. it’s the proportions and lines

  6. Love the criss-crossing lines. Wonderful compositoin.

  7. The composition is good and the colors and vigneting.There is a feeling of speed too. Just a good photo 🙂

  8. nice composition all these telephone lines … I like especially the outsider that straight through the picture runs, he gives the final touch.

  9. I love looking at the sky and the power lines, cool shot!

  10. i think you framed the power lines perfectly, actually it’s a very graphic photo, nice one!

  11. beauty. love all the lines.

  12. LOL — but you took it — so therefore i love it too!!! 🙂 xoxox

  13. Really like the powerlines! I always like shots with powerlines too!

  14. Delicious colors and power lines. What more could a person want? I really like this one.

  15. greta graphism in your last shots!!!

  16. I like it because the treatment gives it a creepy feel, like something rather unpleasant is about to happen. Like maybe aliens are about to appear and start abducting people.

  17. Sweet nothing, great minimalism, brilliant photograph, Elaine! Show me some power lines & i’m trapped in your spider web. Love this beauty. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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