In the Sun…


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  1. I like the structure taken at this kind of angel. the vignette adds a nice depth to the shot. =]

  2. very unusual from you: simple geometric compositiondig it!

  3. beautiful perspective and a cuty reflection in the windowsNice processing , your pics are full of mystery !

  4. Nice tones and perspectives !

  5. That special turquoise and special golden work so well together*

  6. This feels very surreal, Elaine, almost like from an architect’s portfolio. I like it.

  7. Super processing .. these tones are magic !

  8. I like the colors a lot. Makes me think of when motor oil and water mix and you get a rainbow of colors.

  9. Love the interesting angle you shot this at and the reflections on the windows!

  10. Wonderful perspective and post!

  11. outstanding … interesting point of view, colours and reflections … great post processing as always!

  12. Great angle. Interesting colours, love the processing!!

  13. Hi Elaine. This building is quite strange, with those colors. And, together with the “washed” sky, makes a dreamlike picture.

  14. surreal colors and angles. you had fun with this one.beautiful, elaine.

  15. Like the angles and lines in this shot… along with the light.

  16. FAAABULOUS colors!!! i feel like the martians are coming!!! 😛 xoxox

  17. A strangely clad building. I like the blue of the windows.

  18. The colors and angles give this a futuristic feel.

  19. Nice colours/processing. I like the angle, and the reflection in that one window.

  20. joli rendu des couleurs.

  21. I really like the sense of height here and the blue windows. Nice one Elaine!!

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