Black or White


I’m getting sick of the 70’s processing, even tho i have only done it for ONE DAY, i know it looks like i’ve been doing it a month, but i did it all in a day a month ago lol

15 comments on “Black or White”

  1. when you are in the house, it’s nothing but love in the air. awesome shot!

  2. They look gorgeous . They look so sweet and thanks for reminding it is time for me to go to sleep ;)) Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  3. Beautiful portrait, lovely in bw. So adorable!

  4. what an expression! love the bw

  5. The wrinkles on your dog’s forehead give it such a cool expression ! :)))

  6. I love B&W – and this photo is why. It’s beautiful processing and fantastic to look at. Well done!!

  7. beautiful double portrait … I love b&w and this work is excellent in b&w!

  8. lol, well that’s how it is.. time to go try tweaking again.. ;D i like this shot, makes me want to go get a furry doggy to snuggle with.. 😀

  9. You really can feel the shot. Cool stuff

  10. I like very much your b&w portrait ! Bravo !

  11. haha. i’ve fallen asleep in my glasses too.

  12. so cute! i love this series.

  13. They looks to be enjoying each-others company… even though one looks more awake than the other.

  14. simply a gorgeous b/w darling!! i feel like i personally know your dog and husband!!! i see them all the time!!! 😉 keep up the beautiful work!!! xoxoxox

  15. Wow, really like the sharpness of this. Excellent processing.

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