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  1. i hate those tongue depressors. why do they make them of wood? it feels dry and uncomfortable at the back of my throat. i’ve also had doctors take gauze and pull my tongue out with it. i mean, just ask me to stick out my tongue, and i’ll do it. chee.

  2. Cool close up, reminds me of my childhood. I love that hospital smell.

  3. AAAHH…!Great shot Elaine! Though I must admit the memories it brings back aren’t so pleasant:)

  4. ouch i never liked my tongue depressed, that’s so depressing 🙂

  5. une belle perspective…………….de guerison !!

  6. Nice composition and depth of field choice…I like the blue hue and tone in tis photo.

  7. I have sore throat these days and I hate all these stuff :)) You made them looking lovely though with very cool tones :))

  8. oahhhh … bring back a lot of bad memories … the colors fit very well with my feeling at the past 🙂

  9. Were you at the doctor’s office? Hope you’re okay…:-)

  10. Nice compo, Elaine but….brrrr…hospital…ojjjj!!! 🙂

  11. the toning and the focusing is excellent!

  12. Been to the doc have you? Cool shot, and hope everything was ok.

  13. Don’t worry about me, there’s nothing particularly wrong with me that I was at the doctor, just a sore hip 🙂

  14. LOVE this darling!!! keep your supplies stocked up!! 🙂 xoxox

  15. So did you go get your flu shot, Elaine?? 😀

  16. hmm.. i’m feeling a bit queasy now.. 😀

  17. Creative thinking and good shot. Make me little bit dizzy..regards,aji

  18. I so dislike doctors, they’re offices, and hospitals. I do like the image though. The tones are wonderful.

  19. Love this shot! Reminds me of the family doctor’s office from my childhood. And stitches. Lots and lots of stitches.

  20. I have doctor phobia so this image did not help! 🙂 Great shot though.

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