I walk the line..


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  1. Great capture…I like the treatment!

  2. good and strange processing on this one…did you take your pills my friend ? ;)Have a wonderful and delicious week end bisous

  3. Are you stalking him? Lol..great street shot!

  4. that’s cool, who’s that?

  5. With your high key treatment his head joins the sky : great metaphor* and colorzzz

  6. cool treatment with this subject, is this dramatic light that makes me think something might happen… nice!

  7. that’s very cool, the head dissolves in the sky into another sphere.

  8. Very cool processing ! Interesting !

  9. Brilliant! A treatment which calls and which goes perfectly. I like the dynamics of the image also .Well done Elaine ! 🙂

  10. i burn easily too. especially when the weather gets nice, and the first hot days begin. It’s usually my shoulders. I’ve learned to use sunscreen. but sometimes, i stay out too long anyway. it feels too good to be indoors. after a week or two, it turns into a tan. or freckles. or freckled tan.

  11. There’s something in this picture that takes me back to the 70’s, don’t know why!! Cheers Elaine!!

  12. Unusual treatment; a very arty feel to it. I really like the way you’ve let the white on the head merge into the background, for example. Nicely done.

  13. I like how the high key abstracts this and gives it a very interesting look.

  14. j’aime beaucoup ce tirage forcé ainsi.

  15. that’s one cool street capture.. nice shot! 🙂

  16. Cool shot… the processing has left his head to blend with the sky… cool

  17. This is great – reminds me of Abbey Road Beatles walk 😉 and I like the motion of this shot.

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