Doctor I’m seeing Stripes


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  1. now that’s a perfect stalker shot if i’ve ever seen one.. ;D

  2. yes i’m stalking the tree outside, it MOVES when nobody is looking, and i will prove it hahahahaha!!!

  3. Awesome – I love looking out through the blinds. This captures that essence very nicely. Hey wait – is this a straight shot with no magic? What the hell!! 😉 I like it though nice job. How many more days till Christmas? Oh wait I meant holiday break that falls on or around December. I didn’t want to upset anyone 🙂

  4. Cool shot.. peeking out behind the blinds…

  5. Hehe..funny title. Great bw, nice perspective.

  6. now how cool is that!

  7. good eyes for an original shotif i was your doctor , i would just tell you —> take your pills :-)Have a delicious night

  8. ‘Stalking’ is interesting: you’re a PI trying to catch illicit lovers…

  9. What a disturbing picture Elaine: I want to see but I can’t!! When I saw it in my feed reader I stay for several second looking at it trying to see behind the blind… felt like a mouse in a psychological experiment!!

  10. excellent title and image

  11. Very creative!! The ‘stripes’ really work!!!

  12. Cool shot Elaine, makes me feel like I’m actually standing there peeking through these blinds. Excellent shot, like the horizontal lines and the blinds are opened just the right amount to create a mysterious mood.

  13. cool idea . very effective :))

  14. uh oh…voyeurism.

  15. ohoh … I see … let me think … mmmh, it’s not a serious problem … close your eyes and then it’s away 🙂 lol

  16. Lovely shot! Very interesting and with mood…

  17. Cool idea for a photo! Love the b&w tones too. Oh and I dont post everyday these days but would be cool to be on your blogroll Elaine!

  18. Hi Elaine, Great image and it made me laugh for some reason… that upper arrow too!

  19. i’m diggin it! like a concealed observer. =]

  20. you are being sneaky, watching people come and go through those half-drawn blinds, aren’t you? i bet when they look up, you dodge to the side and press against the wall to hide. they don’t need to see you.and when the neighbor sneaks that girl with the bottled hair into his house under the nose of his wife, i can hear your tongue clicking. click click.those kids, the ones dressed in black with the hardware stuck to their faces and tattoos, they are the only ones that can see you. they make gestures at you, so you open the blinds with your hands and stick your face against the window and you yell at them. they deserve it.but they see only the steam on the glass as you withdraw, the blinds popping back into place and gently swaying for a moment. they laugh and cross the street into busy traffic. you look up hopefully when you hear the screeching of tires. click click.

  21. This is a very cool shot my friend, very graphic in B&W. It’s all about what it doesn’t show for me. I dig it, can you tell? Writing this was extremely difficult with my finger strapped up so I hope you appreciate it!! 😛

  22. ooh! i am seeing stripes too!! oh no — vertigo? 😉 hope you are feeling right as rain darling!!! love this peak down and through the blinds!!! a million kisses to you dear!!! xoxoxo

  23. You always make my day, Elaine. 😀

  24. Ha! I love how you worked the blinds into the composition so well and made an ordinary scene quite interesting.

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