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  1. very nice detail and processing

  2. Great framing, love the pov. Cool processing too!

  3. nice processing , 2 possibilities to have pain elbow : 1) playing Tennis 2 ) drinking too much ;)Have a smiling day !

  4. Wonderful detail. Love the lines and shapes and forms and textures. Really interesting ‘study’!!!

  5. world, meet the elbowelbow, meet the world

  6. As elbow go, an interesting one. You could also ask the hubby to bang down hard with his elbow and record the facial expression. However, I do not encourage cruelty. LOL.

  7. With you I learn not to click on a page and pass away but stop and try to understand your universe, yet Understand is a useless word – I prefer FEEL, and of course I often thought to be frank Again that guy, that dog ? πŸ™‚ and now, I just think, Yes, again HER guy, Her dog and wait to see Her world, and I can feel much better (hopefully….) Here, the pattern of the sofa in its geometry catched my eye first, then his (and your πŸ™‚ elbow ! Hey, day after day, you rebuild again and again the puzzle of your own story & life. Aren’t we all in this in our own way ? (YEP ! ;))

  8. A nice abstract composition. Did you take it surreptituously?

  9. I like the process.

  10. cool processing!

  11. you show me with your pictures your own world … and I find it great because it shows me another point of view … Bravo!

  12. You have a strange take on life around you… and I am learning to like that! πŸ™‚

  13. amusant dΓ©tail, avec de belles couleurs.

  14. the messier the sauce, the better the food tastes.

  15. LOVE this color!! so groovy! and that chair? faabulous! πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  16. Nice, I’m digging the pattern in the fabric on the chair and the texture of the table.

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