In the Mornin’ Light


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  1. Great feeling of movement.Love the soft light as well.

  2. Nice sense of motion and like the mist.

  3. Nice action shot! Hey were you gaining on that guy? Did you overtake?

  4. nobody knows where we are going.we see the street signs. we wave at passers-by.soon enough there is a knocking in the motor;the radiator leaks, there is an oil pan problem.when it is time to get out of the car,will we be so eager to go?

  5. great moodiness in this shot elaine, must’ve been a foggy morning i think? =] great!

  6. Very cool effect. Feels like I’m driving on my computer screen.

  7. Stunning , it’s like i was in the car , in early morning , sleepy or drunk , or both 🙂 the processing is pretty good , my friendhave a great night

  8. cool, looks like a car chase

  9. Love the soft light..the dreaminess. It feels like when you just wake up in the early morning.

  10. “Got sixteen days / One for every time I’ve gone away / One for every time I should have stayed” (Whiskeytown)Elaine, you know how to tease me. Grrreat & just my kind of picture. Blurry excellence, terrific story telling & just perfect to start the day! A favourite of your beauties to me. Thanks for sharing this beauty. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  11. mmm… the effect is so… so… so…? am not getting the right words :-O

  12. A touch of poetry – Lovely depiction!

  13. Cool colors. I take photos out of car windshields all the time. I’m assuming you’re in the passenger seat. Only suckers drive themselves 🙂

  14. Cool light.

  15. I’m blinded of this light and this picture … great effect and processing!

  16. very moody – I like the colors

  17. A very sunny photo. I always like those taken from the car; or from the train.

  18. ton style est reconnaissable à ses couleurs…

  19. beautiful shot! lovely.

  20. For some people, it’s all a blur in the morning, Elaine. I learned not to speak to my partner of 11 years for a couple hours, till she really woke up out of her fog. 🙂

  21. oh i LOVE through the window shots!! i used this technique in alaska iceland!! 🙂 a lovely light — looks like your are sleep driving!! 😉 a million kisses to you!!! xoxoxoxo

  22. now this is exactly how i feel on a bleary-eyed road trip! beautiful shot! 🙂

  23. Very nice result. I always like through the window shots.

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