Buffalo Stance


10 comments on “Buffalo Stance”

  1. Looks decisive and stubborn… hope you work it out over the weekend jk 🙂

  2. you felt inspired by elbow this week my dear 😉 that pic inspire me an air of country . Let’s dance then ! i just search a place for my horse and i’m your man :-)BTW , i like the processing, pretty good :-)))))))))))))))))))))

  3. Looks tough! Cool shot!

  4. lol … nice title, maybe also a rebellious stance … and I think you have a harmless, little elbow-syndrome 🙂

  5. I like the feel of power here – a powerful image

  6. a tough man against the tough times…

  7. I really like your close up shots, even though you cant see a whole lot, you can still tell whats going on. Well done!

  8. haha. i get that a lot. pout. pout. defiance. pout.

  9. I’m really a fan of images that have just a few tones, like this one. It also has a really dynamic composition, you get a sense of mood and toughness. Well done. Different too.

  10. a very strong pose! i like the processing/tone of the image too

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