24 comments on “You!!!”

  1. Very cute. She’s havin fun. Kinda daring.

  2. She’s a character. I can tell. Good to see she’s brave…seriously. Shy kids have it tough.

  3. Fantastic shot, nice focus on the finger!

  4. EXCELLENT soft toning!!! looks like your niece could be used for an american poster or two!!! 😉 faaabulous moment of fun!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. Excellent shot! I like the expression and gesture with the finger “attention i’m comming and … running :))”

  6. Oh that’s excellent, the hand and pointing finger are larger than life. DOF is perfect. Top shot my friend & I hope you get all your stuff sorted out today.

  7. euhhhhhhhhhhhh me ?? yes yes i know , promise next time i’ll stop tp shot you , my dear niece !She look have character , like her aunt ? :)have a good day/night

  8. Me??????

  9. hehe. the 3d effect is grasping 🙂 so is her smart – smile.

  10. Cool shot ! Love the frame and this candid cute face 🙂

  11. Yep, Me ! And i kiss you hello dear YOU ! ;))

  12. It seems that you are seen Elaine! You must be badly hidden! ;-)Funny and lovely picture. Bravooo

  13. guilty! 😀 i like how this shot’s focused more on her hands.. 🙂 great shot.. 😀

  14. Uh oh…bossy?

  15. this is beautiful girl’s pose and expression , but I would rather see it not blur , but in a nice, clear shot :)) Sorry, I am really not so much into blurry shots !

  16. I like her expression and pose and the focus of the image

  17. so cute … reminds me of my two girls 🙂

  18. An Uncle Sam in the making! 😀

  19. AHA! she says, caught you trying to take a photo of me, instead you get my finger! (the good finger that is). =]

  20. Cute shot.

  21. Cool… dig the use of focus here that it is on the finger rather than the face. Looks like she is having fun.

  22. haha. somebody devilish (who is hard to ignore) is pointing her finger!

  23. Very fun portrait, Elaine.Nicely caught! 😀

  24. Que chula, casi me da con el dedo. Saludos!!

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