just sittin’ back..


My dog sitting like a human on the couch, her butt on the seat her back against the back, her arms out in front as if searching for a computer to type on lol

14 comments on “just sittin’ back..”

  1. Shes just chillin… thats all. Nice

  2. lol at you…bless her little heart. She knows how to get comfy.

  3. that dog is so obedient, posing for you all the time. gorgeous shot of this cute creature. =]

  4. So adorable! Just relaxing like a human being…..

  5. He really look like a human ! maybe he can change my banner ?? 😉 lolhave a nice dayps : beautiful shot , Elaine !!!!

  6. Love her shy air – when actually she’s such a star now ! Kiss to Coco in her cool angle !

  7. Yeah but where is the tv remote or her beer bottle? 😀

  8. so clever … always the perfect model for you … lol

  9. Love the sweet image..but also – love that when you click on your blog the image comes up and fills my screen. Really nice changes!!!!

  10. lol! she sure looks cute propped up like that.. 🙂

  11. i was going to comment on this last night, but my computer was being sedated and uncooperative.she’s really cute, but the way her nose is all bunched,i wonder if she wants to bite?

  12. She wants something, I think!

  13. Looks comfortable!

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