Head On…


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  1. i love this one! especially the color of her nose and that LOOK! sweet.

  2. so sweet … it seems, he is very interested at your camera and which ojektiv you use … lol

  3. lol , a special pic made in Elaine . Kiss on her wet nose , and a beautiful week end to you

  4. Don’t tell me Coco joins the Army !! … Oh that face, love it ! Super portrait ;)))

  5. What a great close up portrait. Love how you captured the twinkle in his eyes!!

  6. Awwwww! So sweet… Asolutely beautiful portrait! Very creative too…

  7. fantastic shot…love the perspective!

  8. She seems so proud!

  9. What a wonderful picture! lol… love it when it sits and looks at you … well captured by you Elain

  10. she’s got an attitude with that pose of hers.. 🙂 nice catch! 🙂

  11. A nice soft focus portrait. She is a nosy dog! 🙂

  12. Beautiful portrait! And he posed so nicely for you! How are you Elaine? I’ve been absent – too much work!!!

  13. very nice expression! your dog poses very well elaine!

  14. Looks like she want a piece of your camera LOL… nice

  15. Oh she’s so cute. I love this straight on view, the ears are fantasticlly symmetrical.

  16. Oh, I do like this one so much. The way she’s curious about what you’re doing shows her intelligence. (Not that I’m surprised:-)

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