Heroin take 2


This picture was so incredibly disturbing in black and white, i thought i would tone it down a bit… Here is a link to the first one

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  1. This is a fantastic shot Elaine – I must say though I think you should have went with your gut on this one. I like the black and white one but hey you know me – a sucker for B&W photos. This is crazy, but isn’t life? 😉 Nice job!

  2. It is a strong shot of todays reality, and I have to say I like the B&W better… it has a more gritty and realistic feel to it.

  3. The colours are so nice in this shot as is the composition. A tragic tale of many people, well documented.

  4. Great composition. Quite sad seeing people like this. I also prefer the bw version 🙂

  5. it looks like such a sad shot, or the person is just plain tired. it’s something we definitely would pay attention to, nice capture.

  6. Very powerful..and sad..and – yes – disturbing. A really wonderful and evocative image!

  7. Beautiful capture. Antoine.

  8. Very strong shot! Excellent mood and colours.Perfect processing, Elaine.

  9. tragic and sad , but the composition is brilliant with those tones.Strong and deep view , and yes , that’s life , everybody can make choice…Have a nice day

  10. Sad shot Elaine. In some ways, I like the colored version better – maybe it’s just the larger crop of the image.

  11. I tell you Elaine – both are powerful! The color one certainly tones down the destitute feel of the shot, softening it. The B&W is harsh reality. I love them both – for different reasons!

  12. Sad and strong document

  13. very impressive, great captured … for me I prefer the b&w version, it’s much stronger, terrific and powerful, just brilliant!

  14. quelle est dure votre photo d’aujourd’hui Elaine … belle ET dure

  15. With the colors, her future stay in grey!

  16. so bleak! i agree it would probably be more saddening in b/w… the soft color warms up the scene by a touch… still sad though…! 🙁 xoxoxoxox

  17. man, that surely was a downer.. good thing it was a friday! ;D but still, great work capturing this one.. 🙂

  18. More realistic in colors, harder too… I like this

  19. I can just imaging what it would be like, it is very sad.

  20. Is it wrong that I like the B&W best? While this color version is definitely cold and bleak, and I like it, the other is downright depressing..-= SD (Aspherical)´s last blog ..<a href="http://aspherical.foursevenfour.net/index.php?showimage=1118“ rel=”nofollow”>ultramodern =-.

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