side by side


11 comments on “side by side”

  1. I sense the tender love shown here between man and man’s best friend, very nice mood. =]

  2. so sweet … I love the dream-like quality 😉

  3. Bellies story ! ;))

  4. Hot picture!

  5. belly to belly, that’s how to generate more heat especially during these cold weathers.. ;D nice catch! 🙂

  6. Another sweet love history, like the last posted in my photoblog, hahaha!! BTW, aren’t you jealous elaine? ;-)x.

  7. Very nice sweet moment, like the soft processing.

  8. her fingers are curled in his chest hairs so contentedly.

  9. une histoire d’amour …. quelle confiance et complicité

  10. Like a little piglet suckling its mother (no disrespect meant!)

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